Relaxation rooms

Enjoy the feeling of “calming down” in one of our numerous relaxation oases. Relax on our comfortable loungers with view to the spectacular Tyrolean mountains.

  • Raum der Besinnung Überblick

  • Raum der Inspiration

  • Raum der Mondsteinstille

  • Schwimmbad - Liegeecke

Only in the calm pond does the light of the stars reflect.

(Chinese saying)

All relaxation rooms are characterized by a unique flair. Dim light, chosen colours, comfortable warmth as well as sound and light bring the body in “in the ideal state of conscious relaxation”.

Relaxation Rooms

  • Room of reflection
  • Room of inspiration
  • Room of moonstone silence
  • Nature cinema
  • Room of silence
  • Rooms with panorama view

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