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Rooms & Suites at the Panorama Royal

Find your inner calmness

The hotel is imbedded in a wonderful mountain landscape surrounded by impressive nature. Waking-up means to open your eyes in alpine scenery, where you are far away from the monotony of everyday life. We create in our rooms a very special atmosphere and try to combine luxury with comfort and fondly details. Just relax, lay back and let the energies flow & find your inner calmness.

We know that good sleep has strong and positive impact on our health. That is the reason, why we want to bed you on cloud nine.

We created a cushion fibula, which allows you to choose between different types of cushions. The whole adjustment of the hotel is orientated on so called „Geonado“ energy lines, which attenuate the environmental stress.

These lines boost the self-healing effect of the body, as well as the power of concentration.

Quiet sleep is a source of energy

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