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Vedic massages at Panorama Royal

Entdecke die uralte Heilkunst

Welcome to the fascinating world of Vedic massages! This ancient Indian healing art brings body, mind and soul into perfect harmony. The Vedic massage is a unique, holistic experience that offers you deep relaxation and regeneration.
These massages are a real highlight! Special oils and techniques are used to balance the body's energy centres and promote its natural healing powers. Gentle strokes and pressure release blockages and restore the flow of vital energy - an absolute delight!
ApplicationPriceDuration in min.
Abhyanga - full body massage - Particularly suitable for stress and inner imbalance.
€ 110,0055
Padabhyanga - foot massage - ideal for people who suffer from mental stress in order to calm down.€ 85,0050
Shiromardana - (face, head and neck massage)€ 53,0035
Vishesh Solo (deep energy massage) - Has a stimulating and vitalising effect on the mind, body and metabolism.€ 110,0055
Shirodhara - oil forehead massage - To calm the vegetative nervous system.€ 108,0050