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Vedic massages

Do something good for your body so that your spirit feels like living in it.

Vedic massages and treatments are characterised by special strokes, artistic grips and the use of special Ayurvedic herbal oils, pastes or powders. In the field of health care, they serve to restore the constitutional (dosha) balance.
ApplicationPriceDuration in min.
Abhyanga - Full body massage - Especially good for stress and inner imbalance.€ 110,0055
Padabhyanga - Foot massage - Ideal for people who suffer from mental stress to come to peace.€ 85,0050
Shiromardana - face, head and neck massage)€ 53,0035
Vishesh Solo (deep massage) - Has a stimulating and vitalising effect on the mind, body and metabolism.€ 110,0055
Shirodhara - Oil forehead cast - For calming the vegetative nervous system.€ 108,0050