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Thread lifting at Panorama Royal

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For a good look
For a good look

For a good look

By inserting self-dissolving (absorbable) threads with small barbs, the skin is tightened and sagging facial features are lifted.
The threads stimulate the skin's own collagen production so that the elasticity of the tissue is also increased and a naturally younger appearance is achieved.
A long-lasting result can be achieved with this method.
Forehead wrinkles
Crow's feet
Lifting the eyebrows (‘cat eyes’)
Nasolabial folds
Lifting the cheeks
Contouring the jawline
Tightening the neck

Thread lifting procedure

Patient discussion about desired treatment
Photo documentation before
Treatment (duration 20 to 40 minutes)
Photo documentation afterwards
Visible result immediately for tensile threads, at the earliest after 2 weeks for anti-ageing threads with maximum effect after approx. 2 months. The effect lasts for up to two years.
Follow-up examination after approx. 2 weeks

Tensile threads have fine barbs and are placed under the skin using cannulas under local anaesthetic.
Amazing results can be achieved by lifting sagging tissue.
Usually 2 to 3 threads are inserted on each side per treatment.
Anti-ageing threads are much finer and have no barbs.
As the threads dissolve, collagen is formed, the tissue is revitalised and the skin is tightened.
Between 4 and 8 threads are placed on each side per session.

Prices for tensile threads and needling

  • Drawstrings: 220€/thread 4 per side I 1.810€
  • Anti-ageing threads: 50€/thread 25 in grid I 1.300€ 
  • Cosmetic needling from €165
  • Medical Needing from 600€
  • all prices incl. 20% VAT