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Soft Pack lounger in the Panorama Royal

Soft Pack Liege im Panorama Royal

Discover the Soft Pack lounger for an unforgettable relaxation experience. This treatment method offers you comfort, relaxation and care for body and mind. Our Soft Pack lounger moulds itself perfectly to your body with a special gel cushion. You will feel like you are walking on air while our therapists pamper you with soothing treatments.You can choose between a body wrap, an algae treatment or aromatherapy. The Soft Pack lounger ensures that the active ingredients penetrate deep into your skin and you achieve maximum results.
AnwendungDauer in min.Preise
Moor pack (for muscle tension and rheumatic complaints)35€ 50,00
Moisturising body wrap (sensual fruity beauty bath)35€ 50,00
Alpine fango mountain herb pack (promotes detoxification of the body, has a revitalising, strengthening and invigorating effect)35€ 55,00
Well Aging Body Wrap 35€ 50,00