Relax Massages

Do something good for your body so that your spirit feels like living in it.

AnwendungPriceDuration in min
Hot Stone Massage Full body massage with hot stones€ 98,0060
Harmony Massage Soothing full body massage with peeling.€ 110,0070
Lomi Lomi Nui Massage Hawaiian massage with warm oil. Helps to get rid of the old and open up for the new.€ 149,0090
Singing bowl therapy Helps to reduce stress, recharge energy and release physical and mental blockages.€ 93,0050
Chakra Energy Balance Treatment Provides a free flow of energy by opening chakras.€ 99,0060
Ear candling treatment gentle eardrum massage, positive effect on tinitus€ 45,0025
Alpine Herbal Stamp Massage Relaxing massage with warm herbal stamps € 118,0060
Royale Partner Massage Full body massage, peeling and body wrap€ 276,0090