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Relax Massages

Do something good for your body so that your spirit feels like living in it.

Treatments that really do you good
Treatments that really do you good

Treatments that really do you good

Our many wellness treatments range from Ayurvedic treatments to gentle and vigorous massages. Let our highly trained specialists from "Our Way of Healing" team advise you.
AnwendungPriceDuration in min
Hot Stone Massage Full body massage with hot stones€ 98,0060
Harmony Massage Soothing full body massage with peeling.€ 110,0070
Lomi Lomi Nui Massage Hawaiian massage with warm oil. Helps to get rid of the old and open up for the new.€ 149,0090
Singing bowl therapy Helps to reduce stress, recharge energy and release physical and mental blockages.€ 93,0050
Chakra Energy Balance Treatment Provides a free flow of energy by opening chakras.€ 99,0050
Ear candling treatment gentle eardrum massage, positive effect on tinitus€ 45,0025
Alpine Herbal Stamp Massage Relaxing massage with warm herbal stamps € 118,0060
Royale Partner Massage Full body massage, peeling and body wrap€ 276,0090