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Practising sustainability

Living in harmony with nature

Integrate sustainable practices into your lifestyle to live in harmony with nature and yourself. We want to help you adopt sustainable practices. You will be supported by our marvellous location with views of the majestic Tyrolean mountains and our fantastic Relax Dream World ​with its sauna, relaxation and water worlds. The ambience, embedded in a magnificent panoramic park with designated energy spots, and our Spirit & Healing Centre also help to increase your well-being.
Our concept for practising sustainability
Our concept for practising sustainability

Our concept for practising sustainability

  • Mindfulness and meditation: Through regular meditation, you can develop an awareness of the interconnectedness of all things and cultivate a sense of gratitude for nature. You can learn and practise meditation in our house.
  • Respect and reverence for nature: Recognising the beauty and complexity of nature can lead to a deeper spiritual understanding. We are located in the middle of nature and offer you a breathtaking view over the Inn Valley into the Tyrolean mountains.
  • Rethinking consumer behaviour: Spiritual practices can inspire you to make conscious decisions about what you consume and how you consume. 
  • Compassion and care for others: Sustainability in spiritual life also means showing compassion and care for other living beings. 
  • Community and collaboration: Spiritual communities can be a source of support and inspiration when it comes to practising sustainability. 
  • Gratitude and appreciation: A spiritual practice of gratitude and appreciation can help to develop a sense of connection with nature and all living beings. The entire Panorama team is constantly endeavouring to show you this appreciation and is grateful to be your host.