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Mindfulness Life

Sharpening the senses with mindfulness

We want to help you increase your mindfulness and sharpen your senses in the here and now. You will be supported by our marvellous location with views of the majestic Tyrolean mountains and our fantastic Relax Dream World with its sauna, relaxation and water worlds. The ambience, embedded in a magnificent panoramic park with designated energy spots, and our Spirit & Healing Centre also help to increase your well-being.

​Zusätzlich bieten wir während Ihres Aufenthalts nützliche Hinweise und Techniken an, die zur Steigerung Ihres körperlichen und geistigen Wohl beitragen.
Our concept for living mindfulness
Our concept for living mindfulness

Our concept for living mindfulness

  • Mindful breathing: Take time regularly to breathe consciously and focus your attention on your breath. You can learn and practise breathing techniques at our centre.
  • Mindful eating: Eat mindfully and pay attention to the taste, texture and smell of your food. Slow down the pace of eating and concentrate on savouring every bite.
  • Mindful movement: Be present during physical activities such as qui gong, walking or jogging and focus on the sensations in your body. Feel how your muscles move and how your body reacts to the movement.
  • Mindful meditation: Take time for a mindful meditation session every day. You can learn and practise meditation at our centre.
  • Mindful listening: Be present in conversations and focus on actively listening without thinking about your response at the same time. Be aware of the speaker's words and feelings and respond with compassion and understanding.
  • Mindfulness in daily life: Try to go through your day mindfully by carrying out your daily activities consciously and with intention. Be aware of the small joys and challenges you encounter and notice them without judgement.