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Pleasant cosmetics & beauty treatments

ApplicationDuration in min.Price
Face, neck and throat massage25€ 45,00
Including cleansing and active ingredient ampoule
ApplicationDuration in min.Price
Deep cleansing facial treatment60€ 98,00
Cleansing of the skin, peeling, deep cleansing, active substance booster, mask, relaxing facial massage, day care.
ApplicationDuration in min.Price
Deep-acting beauty care75€ 123,00
A wellness treatment for the face, neck and décolleté. The skin is prepared with gentle cleansing and mild peeling. A booster and a nourishing cream mask are applied individually according to the skin's needs. The facial massage ensures pure relaxation of body, mind and soul.
ApplicationDuration in min.Price
Lifting treatment90€ 147,00
For remodelling the face - this immediately gives your skin volume and firmness. Wrinkles are reduced and the facial contours are given new definition. Manual innovative remodelling of the face!
ApplicationDuration in min.Price
Thalasso Moisture Treatment80€ 129,00
A true power cure from the sea. The refreshing algae modelling smoothes your skin and provides highly concentrated, long-lasting hydration. Including eye modelling, any traces of tiredness are wiped away - the perfect short holiday for your skin!
ApplicationDuration in min.Price
Masque Modelante Modellage80€ 129,00
Transformation of the skin after only one treatment, self-warming modelling mask with cocoon effect - visible and lasting results for all skin needs. An unforgettable experience of superlatives.
AnwendungDauer in min.Price
Microdermabrasion (not bookable in summer)80€ 129,00
Diamond microdermabrasion is a gentle and painless abrasion of the upper layer of the skin. An even and fresh appearance of the skin is the result of the treatment.
AnwendungDauer in min.Price
Anti Aging Radio Frequency Treatment80€ 129,00
In addition to tightening properties (collagen shrinking), the radiofrequency treatment can simultaneously stimulate the formation of new collagen fibres by stimulating the fibroblasts. This has a positive influence on the inner layer of the skin and the skin surface, which can be smoothed by the effect of the radiofrequency radiation. In this way, the overall appearance of the skin can be improved. The effect of skin tightening is based on thermal effects in superficial but also deeper skin layers.