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How it all began and developed

Source of energy, strength and joie de vivre

As a career changer and "hotelier late bloomer" - I originally came from the residential construction sector, I literally fell in love with the property where the Panorama Royal now stands. It is a proven energy and power place, but they were not allowed to build flats here, only a hotel.
There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the way.


So my dream slowly took shape, a building sketch of what a hotel here could look like hung above my desk for a long time and acted as a screensaver. Then I followed my inner voice and realised the Panorama Royal and opened it as a small hotel in June 2003. Step by step and with a clear vision as well as a lot of commitment, heart and soul and positive energy, it has now become a wellness and health hotel that is now one of the best hotels in Europe.

There were many hurdles and dead ends to overcome along the way. Hardly anyone believed in long-term success, and only a few companions were as convinced as I was. But the idea always felt really good and that motivated me to keep going. With every difficulty I solved, I also grew internally.

It was similar in the times of the Corona, where the big challenges were not only the closures and the planning uncertainty, but also the needs of the guests, which changed successively. But it was precisely then that I saw a great opportunity to leave the old paths and, together with our staff, to explore new paths of well-being and relaxation and to create a completely new form of retreat and relaxation.Our concept of well-being is therefore also called "Our Way of Healing".

"The Far Eastern principles that I experienced with the monks in the Shaolin monastery serve as the basis of "Our Way of Healing", and have also become part of my philosophy of life. So it made sense to combine millennia-old knowledge with Western practices that bring body, mind and soul into harmony. "The unusual combination of the two worlds is a real energy booster and supports sustainable inner balance. The aim is to strengthen the immune system, activate self-healing powers and recharge energy reserves," a topic that is more topical today than ever and that guests also see as a travel motif of the future.

The concept "Our Way of Healing" was also complemented with the Ayurvedic philosophy, including medical care. "Everyone should be able to recover physically and mentally in his or her own way and be given the opportunity to try out new forms of regeneration. My goal is to be a source of energy, strength and joie de vivre for our guests - in the truest sense of the word. In my opinion, several factors are crucial for this to succeed.

First of all, the "hardware" must meet these high standards - room furnishings, a top wellness area, an appealing and luxurious feel-good ambience. We have made a lot of positive changes here and renovated or redesigned all the rooms, expanded and completely renewed the kitchen, generously redesigned the wellness area, etc. In addition, an "Our Way of Healing Centre" was built with partly original equipment from Sri Lanka for Ayurvedic treatments and cures.

But that alone is not enough. Whether the "spark" is ignited and the guests are able to recharge their batteries in the long term depends in particular on the employees themselves, who are involved as co-hosts. Each of them is part of the philosophy and lives the spirit for balance and well-being - and our guests feel this too.

In order to meet people where they are, we have created a multi-layered offer of treatments and active programmes that open up new possibilities for relaxation and well-being. In this way, methods - to rediscover oneself - can be learned in the house and applied at home.
Relaxation and enjoyment also include good cuisine that makes the palate vibrate. Our kitchen team has already received several awards for this and is also recommended by Gault & Millau.

Everything that my team and I live and stand for, we pass on to our guests with pleasure. This is also the motto of the Panorama Royal: "Joy of life". And this gives us the courage to always take the next step towards the future.

Yours sincerely
Peter Mayer