Gourmet Royal: cuisine at star level

You must offer something good to the body so that the soul wants to live in it.

(Winston Churchill 1874-1965)

Our "Gourmet Royal" provides a small, exclusive pleasure island, for all those who value delicious food. Within an intimate atmosphere for maximum 18 people we combine culinary arts and the art of enjoyment.

From Thursday to Saturday our 2** cook Christian Exenberger creates a culinary firework. The concept is based on a classical, contemporary cuisine and touches all of your senses. The seven-course-menu represents the highlight of the culinary opera at the Gourmet Royal.

The menu considers all taste contrasts like sweet, sour, savoury, clear, romantic ect. and is adjustet every 4 weeks for seasonal changes.

7-course-menu (including the greetings from the kitchen 12 courses) € 129.--

5-course-menu (including the greetings from the kitchen 9 courses) € 109.--

Wine accompaniment 7-courses € 69.--

Wine accompaniment 5-courses € 49.--

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