Beauty and more

Beauty is a welcome guest everywhere

Facial treatmentDuration in min.Price
Intensive cleansing facial treatment60€ 98,00
Deep-acting beauty care80€ 125,00
Microdermabrasion80€ 115,00
Anti Aging Radio Frequency Treatment80€ 135,00
Eyelashes & eyebrows in combination with a facial treatment
Eyelashes and eyebrowsDuration in min.Prices
Dye eyelashes20€ 21,00
Eyebrow colouring15€ 18,00
DepilationDuration in min.Prices
Armpits15€ 25,00
Arms20€ 33,00
Legs complete40€ 58,00
Legs up to the knee20€ 40,00
Bikini line20€ 40,00
Chest or back from30€ 45,00
Upper lip (in combination with a facial treatment)10€ 15,00