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Pancha-Karma-Cure 10 night 9 treatment days

The oldest medicine in the world

What is a Pancha Karma cure?
There are 5 main treatment using in the panchakarma cure. That can detoxify the body. As well as it will help releaving undigestable mental toxin. The same time panchakarma cure help to balance three doshas (vata, pitta, kapha).

This deep cleansing also strength the immunsystem and supports to clean the body the own organs and channels. So it is a five step process in which the human body can be edit by the negative effects of bad health, chronic diseases and pollution.

By restoring our natural healing ability and the body’s own detoxification system, Quality of life and health improved holistic part of body, mind and soul. That can also be used preventively.

The course of panchakarma cure always begins with a consultation with ayurvedic pulse diagnosis with Ayurveda-Expert Mr. Aruna Bandara, who will also accompany with you through the entire cure.

The cure itself runs in several phases and is added by Yoga and Meditation. Your symptoma can improve and energy, strength and joy of life, as well as the ease of living will increase. The individual therapy plan always follows the consultation and pulse diagnosis and is chosen from the following application below.

The supreme discipline of healing

The Pancha Karma cure starts with an anamnesis, which includes consultation and a pulse diagnose by Ayurvedic medical expert Aruna Bandara. While you attend your cure program you can practice yoga and meditation in our hotel. You will feel a boost of energy, strength and vitality after attending a individual Pancha Karma cure at the Panorama Royal.

Pancha-Karma-Cure 10 nights 9 treatment days

  • consulation and pulse diagnose
  • nutrition recommendations
  • final meeting after the cure
  • gentle cleansing (depending on your type of doshas)
  • 18 individual treatments/massages
  • Yoga & Meditation and other activities according to the activity program
  • herbal Ayurveda teas available
  • Free access to our spacious wellness world

This 10 days Pancha Karma cure is very helpful with the following problems: stress, burnout, insomnia, inner restlessness, metabolism, intolerances, digestion, chronical headache and others.

Price 10 nights: up € 2.032,00 pro Person
excluded room price and Ayurveda board

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Dear friends and guests of the Panorama Royal

The new Omikron mutation has prompted the Austrian Federal Government to modify the current regulations. The most important in brief:

a) Only vaccinated and recovered persons are allowed to stay at the hotel.
b) The closing time has been brought forward to 22:00 as of 27.12.2021.
c) FFP 2 masks are compulsory in the public areas.

Our royal carefree package, free cancellation up to 2 days before arrival is valid until 31.03.2022.

The Panorama Royal team is looking forward to being your host.

Yours sincerely, Peter Mayer and the Panorama Royal Team