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Classic & Vedic Massages

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Classic Massages

Vedic Massage

Treatment price duration
partly body € 48,00 25
full body € 78,00 50
aroma oil massage € 83,00 50
reflexology € 69,00 35
lymphatic drainage for face, neck and cleavage € 45,00 30
lymphatic drainage € 75,00 50

Energy Massages

Vedic Massages

The Vedic knowledge has its origin in the ancient Sanskrit texts, which cover all areas of human knowledge, including medicine (Ayurveda ... knowledge of life). The (Ayur) Vedic massages and applications are characterized by special strokes, artistic handles and the use of special Ayurvedic herbal oils, pastes or powders.
In the area of health care they serve to restore the constitutional balance.

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