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Ayurveda food

The oldest medicine in the world

Ayurveda nutrition always addresses the individual needs of people. It is assumed that the three life energies Vata, Pitta and Kapha are present in every person. Depending on which energy (Dosha) is most pronounced, people can be assigned to one of the three types.

The doshas should be brought back into balance through suitable food. Based on this knowledge, our Ayurveda guests receives full board accompanying the cure accoriding to the booked package and the result of the pulse reading and the constitutional discussion. Depending on the situation, special food is also served.

Ayurveda full board

  • Ayurvedic welcome drink
  • Ayurvedic breakfast with various juices and teas
  • Ayurvedic lunch dessert, soup, main course
  • Ayurvedic dinner (main course)
  • Herbal and Ayurveda teas, fruit and healthy grander water are available throughout the day
  • Guests who have completed the cure can switch to our gourmet board in the evening.

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