No love is more sincere than the love of food.

Atelier "Freund-Schafft"

 Highest culinary pleasure experience
Highest culinary pleasure experience

Highest culinary pleasure experience

"Atelier Freund-Schafft“ – that's the name for the highest level of culinary delights out of the box. A 10-course gourmet experience with 19 dishes is served that no connoisseur of the upscale restaurant scene should miss.

In the stylish gourmet restaurant "Atelier Freund Schafft" for a maximum of 24 people, gourmets take a seat in a fine ambience to experience the most beautiful side of life for a few hours.
The highest pleasure experience for gourmets
The highest pleasure experience for gourmets

The highest pleasure experience for gourmets

Be together with your loved one, an evening for friendship. Surrounded by the finest table culture, excellent refinements are served on the plates, each a work of art in itself. Excellent service and exquisite beverage culture accompany you through an evening of 10 courses with 19 dishes.

The restaurant Atelier "Freund-Schafft" is always open on Thursday and Friday. The reception takes place at 6:30 pm. The start for the fireworks of enjoyment is always at 19:00 sharp.

Atelier "Freund-Schafft" can only be booked with advance reservation.

Gourmet price           € 149,00
Awards which oblige
Awards which oblige

Awards which oblige

Our kitchen team has been awarded 2 stars by A la carte, 2 forks by Falstaff, "Best HP-Hotel" by Gault & Millau and as "Best Restaurant" by Restaurant Guru. With the "Atelier Freund-Schafft" Panorama Royal is richer by a great pleasure experience and a good piece of joie de vivre.

Pleasure experience in a class of its own. The menu


Our bread

Salad/whey/wild rice

Suckling pig/sauerkraut/horseradish

Egg/roasted potato/garlic

Char/Sarmer cabbage/Missel

Brown butter/pear

Lamb in two courses
Shoulder/Salt lemon/Celery  




Petit four

The Panorama Royal team wishes you a good appetite.
  • Markus Freund

    Markus Freund

    Execeutive Manager

  • Reinhard Klingler

    Reinhard Klingler

    Sous Chef

  • Vasilis Apostolidis

    Vasilis Apostolidis

    Sous Chef

  • Andrea Weidenauer

    Andrea Weidenauer

    Chef Patissier

  • Hubert Brzozowski

    Hubert Brzozowski


  • Tom Stoll

    Tom Stoll

    Demi Chef Saucier

  • Magdalena Gaisbacher

    Magdalena Gaisbacher


  • Aileen Freund

    Aileen Freund

    Lehrling Konditor

  • Jana Reiter

    Jana Reiter

    Lehrling Koch

  • Angie Prenner

    Angie Prenner

    Lehrling Koch

  • Ioan Hincu

    Ioan Hincu

    Die gute Seele der Küche

  • Peter Csörgits

    Peter Csörgits