Quelle der Energie, Kraft und Lebensfreude.



Based on millennia-old wisdom and practices, our health concept ‘Our way of healing’® helps to activate your powers of self-healing, strengthens your immune system and replenishes your energy reserves, meaning your body, mind and soul are in harmony. The goal is to initiate holistic regeneration, so you emanate fresh energy after your stay.

If we find enjoyment in life, moments of happiness will come by themselves.

(Ernst Ferstl)

Bespoke activity programmes, our dreamy ambience and fantastic garden, the refreshing water realm and fantastic sauna area, natural energy-filled spaces, a relaxation and meditation garden, the Spirit and Healing Centre, the regeneration space with its salt water pool, the tranquillity room, nature cinema and library, Sky Terrace, Pavilion of Love, the Energy Path, restful relaxation rooms and a wide variety of presentations and the "six steps to inner balance" will help you re-energise, replenish your vigour and joie de vivre.

The six steps in "Our way of healing"®:

For you to reflect on:


- Think positive
- Strengthen your self-confidence
- Eat healthily
- Exercise every day
- Stop moaning
- Relax
- Find your own way
- Be happy