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The reception and break arrangements are a special feature at Wellness Castle Panorama Royal. You can choose from one of our packages or put your own programme together.

From time to time we have to give ourselves a rest, so that our soul gets the chance to catch up.

(Indian proverb)

Depending on the weather and your personal preferences, the stylishly furnished seminar lobby or the Panorama garden are at your disposal.

Break arrangements

Standard break

Standard break - morning
Various open sandwiches, fresh fruit, vegetable sticks with dips, selection of yoghurts, nuts and dried fruit, muesli bars, mini sausages with mustard and horse radish, cakes
Standard break - afternoon
Fresh fruit salad, cake variations, fresh fruit, selection of yoghurts, nuts and dried fruit, muesli bars, small desserts

Additional options

Vitality break (whole-meal bread with three types of spread, spicy and sweet juices) Extra charge € 2.00 p.p.
Mediterranean break (caprese in glass, anti pasti variations, melon prosciutto with oven-fresh bread) Extra charge € 3.00 p.p.
"Weißwurst" break (veal sausages with sweet mustard, lye pretzel and cheese spread) Extra charge € 4.00 p.p.
Smoothie break (vitamin-packed fruit and vegetable smoothies and natural yoghurt with fresh fruit ) Extra charge € 3.00 p.p.
Tyrolean break (sliced meat platter with spices, cheese spread, horse radish and farmhouse bread) Extra charge € 3.00 p.p.
Sweet-tooth break (creams, mousse, chocolate-covered fruit, home-made patisserie) Extra charge € 3.00 p.p.