A very warm welcome

These days slowing down and regeneration are concepts that are more important than ever before. We devote ourselves to these themes, with the incentive being to convey a great feeling of joie de vivre to you. We combine a luxurious ambience with our exceptional wellness and SPA realm and a beneficial health concept entitled ‘Our way of healing’.

The joys of life are great but the joy of living is still greater.

The luxurious ambience with our unique wellness and SPA oasis as well as our beneficial health concept ‘Our Way of Healing’® will help you be able to re-energise and increase your vitality, which means you will radiate renewed energy before you head off. The special location and the dreamy views to the Tyrol mountains and the natural energy fields, on which our hotel stands, ensure a great deal of spirit and ensure your stay is a relaxing, energy-generating holiday, one with a great deal of well-being.